Golden hour hay bale shadow hunting

Not often these days do you see freshly cut and rolled, unwrapped bales of hay on your travels.

Todays modern contractors are quick and efficient and will work with large machinery and lighting all through the night. Not to mention that often plastic wrap is applied which means the hay will eventually become convenient capsules of smelly silage.

So I was pretty excited on my way home one evening after a trip to Auckland to see a field full of these lovelies. The contractors were working away so knowing I wasn’t far from home I could return with camera for an evening of golden hour feasting.

However, upon arriving home my wife quite rightly pointed out that it was perhaps more important to take a trip to the super market and buy some food to feed our children. So sadly I put the photography idea aside and hoped for some leftover bales next morning with a favourable sunrise.

Well, plan B did not disappoint! As it turns out the morning light was casting beautiful hay bale shadows down the hillside. A great way to spend a summers morning before heading to the office.

round hay bales