Improve your photography at one location

I’ve only been taking pics with dslr camera for about four years now but I’m starting to pick up on the benefits of returning to the same location to shoot.

There is a very unassuming spot just on the outskirts of my small city. There is a short dead-end road going up a gentle hill. The road has a bend in it where you can park your car and walk 5mins to a lookout over the city. Not a lot of elevation but enough to make you go there as Hamilton is mostly FLAT!

One morning a couple of years ago I woke up early, as I often do and my first though was to go to Till’s Lookout. I have no idea why, I had only been there once during the day, but my brain was niggling me to go.

So off I went with camera, the sun was coming up it was a beaut looking morning! As I came up the road and around the bend my jaw dropped when I saw what lay before me.

The plains below were full of late summer fog!! Say no more – just take a look at the images.

I returned recently in similar conditions, almost the same time of year. The weather man told me there may be fog so I was more prepared this time. I think I will go again next time during the winter.

The following photographs are a selection from both visits…

foggy landscape