That annoying guy at a wedding with the big lens who wasn’t even the photographer

If you refer to the title, alas that was me!

Well… it was my brother’s wedding and he said if I felt like it to grab some pics. I guess the more variety of eyes capturing the same event gives a variety of perspectives. One of the groomsmen I know is also a keen photo taker, made sure he left his camera at home in order to enjoy the moment rather than capturing it.

No guests were to take pics during the ceremony. Fair enough I say this is a sacred moment not to be interrupted by flashes and why should the bride and groom stand there looking at a an audience of cell phone backs? However, you know you’ve got a reputation when the person behind you asks if you’re getting anxiety because you can’t take any pics – haha!

Weddings sure are fun if you’re not the main photographer. It was nice to be able to mix up mingling and taking any pics that came to mind.

The setting was a beautiful old wooden church for the ceremony, followed by the reception in a country barn surrounded by grassy fields. Very chic and relaxed – you could tell by the smiles on everybody’s faces.

wooden church wedding
rural wedding couple
night wedding
man starting fire
portrait photogrpher