Wedding photos at Hamilton Gardens

What an absolute privilege it was for our dear friends to entrust me with their wedding photography!

This was new territory for me so we put effort into planning to ensure a great result. A couple of meetings and a location visit, plus a location visit with my wife as a dummy, (sorry hun, you’re not ACTUALLY a dummy!).

Knowing what pics were required on the day that both parties had agreed upon made the process stress free. There is always a time budget for wedding photos and to be able to walk into the Gardens and click, click, click, get the shots – plus anything spontaneous along the way – we were able to quickly move on to other important parts of the day.

The popular public tourist attraction did however have it’s downfall with in-the-way and nosey people holding us up, but the assistance of other family members helped shuffle these minor incidents along.

A thoroughly enjoyable yet exhausting day, but what a way to celebrate true love, being able to capture subtle moments to be kept forever.

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